Instead of installing new passenger or crew seats, allow Midwest Aero Support to provide complete seat maintenance programs which will restore your seats to like-new condition saving time and money.

Passenger & Crew Seats

  • Crew Seats
  • Passenger Seats
  • Seat Maintenance Programs
  • In-flight Wheel Chairs
  • Subcomponent Repairs
  • Upholstery / Leather Cleaning & Repairs
  • Product Improvements

Seat Repairs

Midwest Aero Support specializes in providing authorized repairs of the daily abuse that seating components encounter. We can repair and overhaul crew and passenger seats, including first-class, business and coach seats. We provide authorized repair or replacement of frame components, support structures, cushions and covers, as well as composite components, tray tables and seat-belt refurbishments.

Seat-Back Repairs

Seating is subject to daily abuse, and Midwest Aero Support is authorized to repair cracks, missing snaps and loose bushings on composite seat-backs. We also perform sheet metal repairs on non-composite seat backs.

Seat-back repairs typically cost less than that of a new seat back. Compared to the time and money spent waiting for a new seat back to arrive, delays are avoided and cost savings recognized.