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MAS participated in the annual United Airlines Fantasy Flight program.

MAS participated in the annual United Airlines Fantasy Flight program. Fantasy Flight is a benefit for families in need, UAL’s ORD hub is unique as being the only hub that focuses on terminally ill children. A flight to the “North Pole” is one of the big attractions however that might be debatable to the children. Members from the Chicago Bulls, Cal’s Angels, Comfort Dog, dozens of children favorite characters, tasty treats and gifts galore are shared with the children and families. 100% of all donations go to the children and families, and it is entirely run by volunteers. Anything left over is then donated to a local foster house. Flight begins and ends at ORD, however, to the children, they believe they went to the North Pole and saw Santa. The children and their families are provided with food & gifts for which they are very grateful. Joel Johnson represented MAS at this event as a volunteer. Joel said, “I knew of the event however I just did not realize the depth. I was blessed with the opportunity to volunteer on Friday and Saturday. I had 34 terminally ill children and their families touch my heart and remind me how fortunate the majority of us truly are. The hardest part of this experience was accepting the fact that most of these children will not be able to bless us with their laughs and smiles next year. For one day we had the ability to set aside the hard in these people’s lives and bring them joy.